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Teams with chance to beat Team USA

Which basketball teams have the right mix of NBA talent and established chemistry to potentially upset Team USA in Rio?


Blue Whales secure CBA championship

The Sichuan Blue Whales won their fourth-straight game in the CBA finals to take the series and win the championship behind Hamed Haddadi.


Fan brawl another black eye for CBA

The brawl between fans and the Liaoning Leopards has proven a PR nightmare for the CBA, on what was supposed to be a landmark event.


These CBA Finals are unpredictable

For the first time in more than a decade, the CBA Finals won't go through Beijing or Guangdong. Here's a complete preview.

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CBA: Handing out season awards

With the CBA Finals all wrapped up, Andrew Crawford takes a look back at the best players and teams in an event-filled year.


Looking ahead to next season's CBA

Sichuan is coming off a championship year, but it's going to be tougher next year for the Blue Whales with one less foreign player on their roster.


Sichuan one win from CBA title

The Sichuan Blue Whales, in a tense game made extra tense by off-the-court controversy, defeated the Liaoning Leopards on Friday.


Brawl breaks out involving CBA team

There was a brawl involving fans and several Liaoning Leopards players outside the team hotel, and it could have major consequences.

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