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“What do Torii Hunter, Steve Finley and Mark Grace have in common? Many things probably, but what link do they also share with Barry Bonds, Tony Pena and Barry Larkin?

The answer is this: All of the above were big in Japan. In this case, all six have been MVPs in previous MLB Japan All-Star Series, dating back to the debut of the event’s current format in 1986.

American teams have been visiting Japan since 1908, when the Reach All-America Team went 17-0 in a tour of the island nation.” This according to MLB.com

The Yomiuri Giants, also known as “The New York Yankees of Japan,” are Japan’s oldest and most popular baseball team. They are also probably the most polarizing among fans and haters alike.

They are the defending Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) champion and holder of 22 NBP Championship titles. Their team logo and jersey is inspired by the San Francisco Giants - paying homage to their MLB counterparts.

The NPB season and its rules mirror those of U.S. Major League Baseball, which helps explain the active flow of players and coaches between the two leagues.

Former Yankees slugger and World Series MVP, Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui, had an illustrious career with the Yomiuri Giants prior to making his MLB debut.

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