In a match between the top two teams through the spring and fall seasons, it was only fitting that the final between them would end in penalty kicks.

After 120 minutes of scoreless soccer, the New York Cosmos didn't miss a shot from the penalty spot and that was that. Indy Eleven failed to convert on their second and third attempts, which gave the Cosmos a 4-2 win in the shootout.

It was a back-and-forth battle through most of the match, but the home Cosmos had more of the possession and more shots on target. However, nothing would get past either Jon Busch or Jimmy Maurer.

Jairo Arrieta, Adam Moffat, Ayoze and Ryan Richter converted PKs for the Cosmos, while Eamon Zayed and goalkeeper Busch missed out for the Eleven.

While it ended in PKs, the result was fitting as the Cosmos closed the fall season with a 10-point advantage and 23-goal differential.

This is the second time the Cosmos have won back-to-back NASL titles, and it's now their third in four seasons. 

They go out in a bang in NASL play as they'll now compete in the Cosmos and Friends League (CAFL) next year.