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Copa could be Messi's big moment

Lionel Messi, the best player of his generation, has done it all -- except for win on the international stage. Could Copa America change that?


Ronaldo wants to retire at Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't envision himself anywhere else and hopes to finalize a deal with Real Madrid that would see him retire at 40.


Cosmos prevail past OKC for three points

It wasn't the easiest of wins, but the New York Cosmos finished on top, taking down Rayo OKC 1-0 and remained on top of the spring table.


Torres hoping to lead Atleti to title

After many thought he was done, Fernando Torres has revived his career once again with Atletico Madrid, writes Graham Ruthven.

NASL: Indy in positon to finish on top

With only three weeks left in the NASL's spring season, there is a logjam of teams at the top, most surprisingly one of them being Indy.

Early success for big CSL signings

The Chinese Super League made headlines due to the money being thrown at big names. John Duerden looks at how they have done so far.

Mourinho is Utd's choice from start

The deal between Jose Mourinho and Manchester United won't be finalized until later this week, but the two actually began talks awhile ago.

Cosmos, Rowdies lead the weekend

The New York Cosmos host Joe Cole and the Tampa Bay Rowdies in what is a big match for both teams as the NASL season winds down.